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  What was the most popular outdoor pursuit in the UK?

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  J hope



  What is the recent Harry Pole about?



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  Passage 2



  漫画独白:Once I learn how to use google, isn't that all the education I really need?


  Question 21

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  The impact of the Internet on learning

  2、 出进入国境激活(Re-entry):在签证有效意况下离境美国兵重新以新的I-20和SEVIS进入国境。

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  “你要茶依旧咖啡?”是吃饭人常被问到的难点。好些个西方人会选咖啡,而中中原人则会选茶。相传,中中原人民共和国的一人皇帝于四千年前开采了茶,并用来看病,在南齐(The Qing Dynasties卡塔尔国时期,食堂分布全国,饮茶在六世纪传到东瀛,但直至18世纪才传到欧洲和美洲。近日,茶是世界上最风靡的果汁(beverage卡塔尔(قطر‎之生机勃勃,茶是中国的宝物,也是华夏价值观和知识的最首要组成都部队分。

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  The reason why education doesn’t simply mean learning to obtain information is that education is not limited to the hard facts or theories students can learn from their textbooks or the Internet. It relates to a wider scope ranging from the obtainment of practical skills to the development of characters, which are hard for students to learn simply by googling. Consequently, comprehensive learning in schools that includes learning knowledge, conducting experiments and communicating with peers is what true education is。




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  Question 22

  “Would you like tea or coffee?”This is a question which the dining people are frequently asked. Somewesterners tend to choose coffee, while the Chinese usually choose tea. Thereis a legend that one Chinese emperor found tea 5,000 years ago and used it tocure illnesses. During the Ming and Q ingDynasties, tea houses were widespread throughout China. Tea-drinking was spreadto Japan in the 6th century but to Europe and America until the 18th century. Nowadays,tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Tea is the treasure ofChina, and it is also an important part of the Chinese tradition andculture. 

  23-25 ABD

  In the age of knowledge explosion, the Internet opens a magical portal for leaners to get access to seemingly incessant information. But is information equal to knowledge? “Once I learn how to use google, isn't that all the education I really need?” This question fully embodies the prejudiced opinion that as long as people acquire abundant information, they will get proper education。


  What was the most popular leisure activity in the US?

  中夏族民共和国结(the Chinese knot卡塔尔(قطر‎最先是由手工业歌手发明的,经过数百余年不断的改善,已经形成一种文雅多彩的艺术和工艺。在金朝,大家用它来记录事件,但前段时间根本用于装修的指标。“结”在汉语里表表示情爱情、婚姻和集会。中中原人民共和国结平时作为礼物沟通或作为饰品祈求好运和避邪。这种样式的手工业艺(handicraft卡塔尔后继有人,今后曾在华夏和世界各省越来越受迎接。



  Results of a recent Harry’s pool on free time showed that the average work week for many Americans is 50 hours. With the time spent eating, sleeping and taking care of the household duties, there’s little time left for leisure activities for many Americans. However, having free time to relax and pursue hobbies is important. People need time away from the pressures of study or work to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. In many countries free time is spent in different ways. The results of a Harry’s pool showed that reading was the most popular spare time activity in the US. This was followed by watching TV. In a UK survey on leisure time activities, watching TV and videos was the most popular. Listening to the radio came second. In a similar survey conducted in Japan, the most popular free time activity was eating out. The second most popular activity was driving. There were also differences in the most popular outdoor pursuits between the three countries. The most popular outdoor activity for Americans was gardening. In the UK, it was going to the pub. In Japan, going to bars ranked eighth in popularity and gardening ranked ninth. Although people around the world may enjoy doing similar things in their free time, there’s evidence to suggest that these interests are changing. In the US, for example, the popularity of computer activities is increasing. Many more people in the States are spending their free time surfing the web, emailing friends or playing games online。


  In a word, the Internet does provide valuable information for learners, but people should be fully conscious of the essence of education and learn to tell the right from the wrong。


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