[语义剖析]下文讲到,这种监察和控制站也会关心着建筑里面包车型大巴传染状态, 所以依照inside “在……里面”可知,此空应填outdoor,“户外的、户外的”,户外层空间气污染,故选L。

2018年一月匈牙利(Hungary)语四级翻译分析,2018年二月塞尔维亚语四级选词填空详细分析。  热射病是指因高温引起的身体体温调整功能失调,体内热量过度储蓄,进而吸引神经器官受到伤害。热射病在中暑的分别中正是重症中暑,是一种致命性病痛,病死率高。该病平时发生在夏日高温同一时候伴有高湿的天气。

  Forgetting the name of an actor in a favorite movie, for example, is nothing to worry about。 But if you forget the plot of the movie or don‘t remember even seeing it, that’s far more concerning, Daffner says。



  [语法深入分析]依照空前的a 可见,冠词后应加单数可数名词,同期又能与as a构成搭配。相符的有consequence。


  “Read books, go to movies that challenge, take on new hobbies or activities that force one to think in novel ways,” he says。 In other words, keep your brain busy and working。 And get physically active, Daffner says, because exercise is a known brain booster。

  How to develop reading ability? Based on this concrete and meaningful question, some steps should be taken。 First and foremost, the main growth in your reading skill and ability will come from reading as much as you can do。 Try to make a book list that you take interest in and make a practical plan。 Just as the proverb goes that, “Don’t bite off more than one can chew。” Furthermore, a mastery of some reading skills is not only significant, but also indispensable。 Some books are fit to do extensive reading while some others are suitable to do intensive reading。 Meanwhile, other reading skills like skipping and skimming are also necessary。


  34。 I)inhabitants

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  But even then, Daffner says, people shouldn‘t panic。 There are many things that can cause confusion and memory loss, including health problems like sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or depression, as well as medications like antidepressants。 Even over-the-counter remedies like antihistamines can contribute to memory loss。

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the importance of speaking/writing/reading ability and how to develop it。 You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words。

  Buses used to be the main tool of transportation for Chinese people。 In recent years, due to the increasing number of private cars, traffic problems in cities are becoming more and more serious。 In order to encourage more people to travel by bus, many cities have been striving to improve the service quality of buses。 The facilities of the vehicles have been constantly updated, and the speed has also improved obviously。 However, the price of bus ticket is still quite low。 Nowadays, in most cities, many elderly citizens can take the bus free。

  Since the 1940s, southern California has had a reputation for smog。 Things are not as bad as they once were but, according to the American Lung Association, Los Angeles is still the worst city in the United States for levels of 26 。Gazing down on the city from the Getty Center, an art museum in the Santa Monica Mountains, one would find the view of the Pacific Ocean blurred by the haze(霾)。Nor is the state’s bad air 27 to its south。 Fresno, in the central valley, comes top of the list in America for year-round pollution。 Residents’ hearts and lungs are affected as a 28 。


  January 4, 2016

  It cannot be denied that reading plays a key role in people’s growth and development in any era。 The 21th century is a time of knowledge explosion and reading ability becomes increasingly important。


  [语法深入分析]由空前的city’s 可见,此处应填名词。切合的有consumers和inhabitants。


  Forgot Something Again? It‘s Probably Just Normal Aging

  Part I Writing (30 minutes)

  2018年11月四级第二套卷 翻译深入分析 杨嘉睿 佛罗伦萨高校

  28。 C)consequence


  When you forget entire experiences, he says, that‘s “a red flag that something more serious may be involved。” Forgetting how to operate a familiar object like a microwave oven or forgetting how to drive to the house of a friend you’ve visited many times before can also be signs something is wrong。

  此番四级考试作文难度卓殊,看得出来四级考试作文更是和报考学士作文话题持续。举个例子这一次考试的话题reading ability 就和二零一四年考研写作一的大作文读书话题不约而同。遵照常规,依然是“三段论”,最多不要超过四段,除非提纲中有一点点明“entitled”字眼,不然标题可写可不写,不过写错一定会扣分。写标题时,要遵守创作格式,标题首字母和实词首字母大写,而标题中的虚词字母是小写的。第一段依然是引出话题,证明读书本事的严重性;第二段能够主要剖判进步读书技能的点子;结尾段能够来个对意见的总计回顾。


  [语义分析]此地唯有intended契合,be intended to,计划、目的在于。旨在生成实时地图……,故选K。





  B) collaborating J) innovation


  And the best defense against memory loss is to try to prevent it by building up your brain‘s cognitive reserve, Daffner says。




  After age 50, it‘s quite common to have trouble remembering the names of people, places and things quickly, says Dr。 Kirk Daffner, chief of the division of cognitive and behavioral neurology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston。

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